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Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Layering a sconeBaking and sweet treats have never been more popular in Britain than they are today. Many are flocking to tea venues to enjoy the most traditional of English rituals – afternoon tea. Our crash course will explain the rich social history, social mores and etiquette that go with this idyllic meal. The course is ideal for groups but can be delivered as private tuition.

The History and Rise of Afternoon Tea

Anna Maria Russell, seventh Duchess of Bedford
John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich
The rise of the Victorian tearoom
The changing face and shape of the scone
How tea is served at Buckingham Palace


Black, red, green, white, infusions & oolong teas
How to brew, steep and serve the tea
Loose leaf vs. tea bags
Milk in first or last?
Lemon & sugar: other accompaniments for tea
Strainers, teapots, teacups, teaspoons
How to hold your cup & saucer
Stirring tea correctly (not round and round!)
Coping with spills
How to store tea
Tea faux pas

Finessing the Food

Napkin etiquette
How to eat your finger sandwiches and other savouries
Preparing and layering your scone elegantly
Petit fours protocol

Duties as a Host and Guest

Invitations for tea
What time should you arrive?
Knowing when to start
“Shall I be mother?”
Polite tea talk
Not outstaying your welcome
Thank you letters


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