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An Introduction to Chinese Etiquette

William Hanson travels and teaches in ChinaIn the international business world China is very much a world-leader and more and more commerce and trade is carried out in the Far East. Knowing the dos and taboos when dealing with this most ancient and noble of races is critical. Too many companies visit China with little to no knowledge of what is a very different culture. This introductory course will provide participants with a sound working knowledge of China in order to enhance and manage cross-cultural relationships.

Meeting and Greeting

  1. Introductions and greetings

  2. Names and correct form in China

  3. Body language and gestures

  4. Breaking the ice and small talk

  5. Key-phrases and the local patois

  6. Working with interpreters

  7. Business cards and technology

Basic Dining Etiquette

  1. Chopsticks and other equipments

  2. Tea and the Gaiwan

  3. Napkins

  4. Seating plans

  5. Cultural differences

  6. Ordering

  7. Drinking and toasting

  8. Karaoke

  9. "What is this?"

  10. Refusing food

  11. Tipping

Values and Customs

  1. Protocol and the larger picture

  2. Etiquette in practice

  3. Ethics and mind-sets

  4. Saying No (or not)

  5. Mianzi - the importance of face

  6. Gift giving

  7. Timekeeping

  8. Dressing the part


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