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Essential Dining Etiquette

Over the years, we have discovered that people are most interested in the dining aspect of our classes and programmes. To cater for this need, we offer a short, half-day course in everything you'll ever need to know about the art of the table. Enjoy this course over a three-course luncheon in one of central London's finest dining venues. This course can be delivered for just yourself, or for a small group of like-minded individuals.

Distinguished Dining

Western dining is very much focused on minimising the awareness that one is eating, and the many rules and protocols that come with the dining room can confuse many people, but once explained the myriad of cutlery and glasses is demystified forever.

Our course will successfully school you in elegant eating and dignified drinking. Your tuition takes place over a delicious lunch, making the tutorial hands-on and practical, rather than theory-based.

  1. The tools of the table

  2. How to hold cutlery and glasses

  3. Napkin placement

  4. Cultural differences in place settings

  5. The rhythm of dining

  6. Passing the port

  7. Toasts and speeches

  8. Styles of table service

  9. ...and more

The Art of Entertaining

Thanks to various television shows, plus the recent recession, staying in is the new going out. Entertaining at home is now the preferred option when it comes to getting a group of friends together. Many are unaware of how to do it properly and the very thought of having people for dinner at eight can induce a mild panic and cold sweats.

Fear no longer as we talk you through you in how to put on that 10/10 dinner party, cocktail soirée and buffet lunch for 12!

Just some of the topics your tutor will cover include:

  1. From buffets to banquets: the different types of parties and expectations

  2. Restaurant dining

  3. The role of the host and duties as a guest

  4. Most common entertaining disasters and how to handle them.


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