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One Day Essential Protocol

FlagsDo you wish to know how to manage a visit of a high-level delegation or a national day, or how to handle formal written communication or gain awareness of the sensitivities when placing guests? What is the right order of precedence and which guests rank most highly? After completing this intensive one-day course, you will be equipped to meet the challenges and complexities of modern protocol management.

This course will teach you all the basics of international protocol and etiquette, and the management of high-level events. You will be inspired, gain insight and indispensable knowledge and skills. You will become proficient in preparing meetings with dignitaries and become an advisor for colleagues.

The course is ideal for embassy staff, those working for international or multi-lateral organisations, public relations and public affairs specialists, personal assistants, event planners, communication experts and protocol officers.

Introduction to Protocol

  1. Protocol vs etiquette

  2. A history of protocol

  3. Cultural differences with protocol

The Importance of Precedence

Seating Arrangements

  1. Dining tables

  2. Conferences and speeches

  3. Photographs

  4. Seating in vehicles

Processions and Receiving Lines


  1. Structure of a ceremony

  2. State visits

  3. Wreath laying

  4. Gun salutes

  5. State and ceremonial funerals

Flags and Anthems

Gifts and Honours

Working with Interpreters

The Protocol of Dress

  1. Evening dress codes

  2. Daytime dress codes

  3. National dress

  4. Religious dress codes


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