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One Day Essential Public Speaking

Diana Mather coaches public speakingMany people would rather lose a limb than stand up and speak in public! But putting your point across in an interesting and stimulating way is essential, whether you are addressing a local charity or a business seminar. The skill is to get your audience to listen to you. Let’s face it, if they don’t you are wasting your time and theirs. In today’s competitive business world you have to be a ‘performer’ as well as an expert and that is what you will learn on this exciting and innovative course.

Your Voice and How to Use It

Even the most polished of professionals can still get beyond nervous when it comes to having to speak in public and address a crowds. We all have to do it at some point in our working lives and it needn’t be such a worry if you know the tricks of the trade. This introductory module will equip those who are faced with making public speeches, presentations at work, chairing large meetings or summits or leading group discussions.

The student is asked to come to the course with a five-minute speech already prepared. We ask that the speech is about a hobby, recent holiday, your friends & family, job, or a favourite film. The student will be asked to deliver this speech so the tutor can gauge existing knowledge.


Thorough preparation is essential when writing a speech. Most people’s nervousness comes from not really knowing what they are going to say. We will take you through the necessary steps to success.

  1. Why me?

  2. Who am I speaking to?

  3. Where is the venue?

  4. How big is the audience?

  5. For how long am I speaking?

The Objective

Deciding upon a clear objective is essential when writing a speech.

  1. To inform

  2. To influence

  3. To recommend a course of action

  4. To motivate

  5. To entertain

  6. To sell

The Audience

Learning as much as you can about your audience is essential to make the speech relevant and attention-grabbing.

  1. How many people?

  2. What age are they?

  3. What jobs or positions?

  4. What do they need to know?

  5. What do they know already?

Writing the Talk

This is where it all really starts.

  1. Opening remarks

  2. The introduction

  3. Content and structure

  4. Key points

  5. Conclusion

Using Your Voice

The important of clear, concise speech cannot be underestimated. We will help you take your mouth to the gym, improve breathing and develop voice production.


Public speaking is a performance! You are on stage under the spotlight and we will show you how to deliver your message with polish and pizazz.

  1. Breathe control

  2. To lose inhibitions

  3. To gain confidence

  4. Working with props

  5. Wow your audience!

The student will be asked to write a speech following this tuition. It will be performed, filmed and played back for analysis.


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